Best-In-Class System to Meet your Onboarding Requirements

ID Card

Currently, Shufti Pro authenticates government or state issued ID cards. With the inclusion of database sources of other institutions, Shufti Pro can verify them as well.

Id Card

Driving License

Shufti Pro intelligently runs through all the infographics of the government or state
issued Driving license because it meets all the security standards.

Driving License


Shufti Pro can verify if the passport is tampered or faked instantly once it is shown in the camera.


Credit Card

Shufti Pro makes online transaction easier by verifying credit/debit cards. Inforgraphic details coupled with Card number make the verification process authentic and secure.

Credit/Debit Card

Show your face
Shufti Pro confirms the identity of the customer by identifying the live-ness of the selfie. It automatically disallows tampering of this process by making sure that the person is real and not just an image.


Smile into the camera

Show your face
Shufti Pro identifies guilloche pattern, laser perforation, and overlapping data of the document shown making sure its authenticity. It reduces the chances of fraudulent presentation of the document.


Bring your document closer

Show your face
Shufti Pro looks for further details by making sure the laser engraving and overlay in the document. These infographic details further authenticate the display of legitimate documents.


Show your full name

Show your face
Shufti Pro captures all the information such as name, address, date of birth, first six and last four digits in case of credit/debit card and run through a database source of your choice to authenticate the person.


Show your date of birth

Quick Verification

30 seconds is all it takes to complete the 4-step verification

Verification Video Stream

Provides a secure channel to access the video stream of the verification process

Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Shufti Pro authenticates the verification process

Real Time Verification

Every step of the verification process happens in real time

No Plugins Required

No need to install extra plug-in or application before the verification process

Human Intelligence

For an extra layer of security, Shufti Pro can also provide Human DEOs for the verification processes

How We

Stand Out

30 Second Quick Verification

Shufti Pro takes a maximum of 30 seconds to complete all the verification process unlike its competitors.


Shufti Pro facilitates users a hassle-free verification process in real time in front of user. No need to upload scanned copies.

No Plugin

Shufti Pro doesn’t require any extra plugins. It integrates with all kinds of systems seamlessly without any plugins.

Cost Effective &
99% accurate

Shufti Pro is relatively cost effective and provides ultimate service. It is 99% accurate giving its competitors a good run for their money.

Data Center of
your Choice

Shufti Pro provides its users the ease to choose the data center of their choice, by providing an end to end encryption.


You have the ultimate authority to use our product with you product without creating confusion for your customer.